Ostional Turtle Tours

Ostional Turtle Tours

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The sea turtles of Ostional display a rare mass-nesting phenomenon known in Spanish as “arribada”. During the tour, you will experience the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles up close in their natural habitat as they partake in this important biological process.

During the height of arribada, the likelihood of observing sea turtles is 100%. Throughout the rest of the year, the likelihood is about 75%. From January to April, about 15,000 turtles emerge over the span of 3 days per month, whereas from July to December, the number increases to about 200,000 turtles over the span of 5-6 nights. One of the most interesting parts of the journey involves traveling down a gravel road where you will be able to view turtle eggs.

The town of Ostional is located 12 km from Playa Guiones.


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