ATV Mala Noche Tour

ATV Mala Noche Tour

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The tour of “La Mala Noche” waterfall is an opportunity to get in touch with nature and all of its infinite beauty. This natural wonder was formed over hundreds of years.

The tour starts from Nosara Surf Shop where you will hop on ATVs and drive about 20 minutes through the countryside surrounded by unimaginably lush greenery. Your guide will then lead you on foot through the middle of a private forest to a beautiful nature trail where it is so quiet that you can hear only the sound of birds and water.

Finally—the waterfall! Two cascades of water fall into a pool of water deep enough to swim or to simply relax while the water massages your shoulders. On the ride back we will pass over the Old Hammock Bridge built about 20 years ago in a neighborhood known as “las chispas”. We will finish with a climb to a mountain viewpoint overlooking the entire community of Nosara.

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